Garden Bed Layout and Design

An initial consultation is required prior to beginning the design process.

We may determine during the initial consultation that you will need a garden design. This could be container gardens, raised or elevated beds, vertical gardens, in-ground beds or a combination of some or all elements. Due to the fact that each design is highly customized and created for your unique space, I will provide an estimate of the design price following the initial consultation.

Once the estimate is approved by you, I ask for a 50% down payment. You may use $25 of your initial consultation fee towards the down payment or you may apply it to the final payment. The remainder is due at the time I hand the design over to you. Design turn-around time will vary based on season and size of the project, but typically should take 1-2 weeks.

We will meet to approve the design proof. At this meeting, any changes that you would want to make should be addressed. If changes are noted, the plan will be updated and we would meet again for your signature of approval. Upon final approval, any further changes may incur additional costs.

Designs include either a hand-drawn or computer rendered garden bed and plant layout plan, of which you will receive a copy, along with a list of plant names, planting guidelines and care recommendations.

Plans start at $100 and may go up depending on size and scope of project.