Bio-Harvest Report

A garden bed layout or design plan is required prior to beginning a bio-harvest report.

A bio-harvest report may be added on to any garden bed layout and design plan. After your design is installed, I will visit your garden a minimum of 4 times at different intervals of the growing season. Ideally, it would include spring, early summer, late summer and fall at varying times of the day.

The objective is to gather bio-feedback about your site during different seasons and observe the performance of the plants. I would ask that you as well observe your garden throughout the season and note what you see. Gardens are dynamic and changing. Working with the natural eco-rhythms of your yard will produce maximum plant yields.

The bio-feedback we gather will then be used to revise your garden bed layout and design for the following year. You will receive a revised plan, plant list, planting and care instructions. I will collect 50% of the payment at the second garden visit and the remainder when I hand over the revised plan to you.

Bio-Harvest Reports are a flat rate of $200 each