My Philosophy


leek harvest

My name is Jodi Schmeling, and I am The Nutritional Gardener. My goal is to help you grow food in your own living space in a way that fits your ecology and also looks beautiful.

Food grown right out your back door is nutritious and delicious. I want to make sure you are getting maximum results from your garden by also addressing the health of the garden itself. All plants require their own unique set of nutrients, which they draw from the soil, air, water and the biological environment. A plant will only grow up to it’s lowest nutrient level. For example, a tomato plant may have good levels of nitrogen and potassium, but suffering in calcium. This will deter its production and result often in blossom end rot.

My business is different from others in that I want to find these deficiencies and correct them using natural organic methods. I will be your partner in creating a successful garden environment. Along the way, you will learn the skill of gardening and carry on with my support.