My Background


spring raised bed planting

I grew up with a vegetable garden as a child. We always had fresh vegetables on the dinner plate. I helped with garden chores and learned plant care at a young age. This stayed with me throughout my life, and it eventually became my life passion.

Professionally, I have 15 years of experience in the horticulture industry. The majority of those years were spent working with full scale landscape companies, doing both design work and property maintenance. I took courses in landscape design and construction at MATC. I also completed the Master Gardener training for southeastern Wisconsin.

My love was always in vegetable gardening, however, so I branched out on my own. Using my own backyard as the test grounds, I started growing every vegetable under the sun, in combination with flowers. I grew as much as possible from seed. I read and researched about organic gardening and edible landscaping.

Over time, the yard became a wonderful ecosystem with everything working in conjunction together. It took time, observation, patience and really figuring out what vegetables were the most important for my family to have fresh.

Combined with my previous experiences, I developed an expertise and started working in other people’s yards. The results were outstanding; bountiful vegetables planted among beautiful flowers and shrubs. Birds and beneficial insects were plentiful. It was my inspiration to start this business.


I am a passionate, avid garden expert, with some formal training and a lot of self-taught knowledge and experience. This business is about consulting you in what I know and helping you achieve your own garden successes.

I am not a nutrition professional, nor do I have experience in the field of nutrition science. I will not provide guidance on any matters related to an individual’s personal health.

I am also not a licensed landscape architect. I am a garden designer. I cannot draw plans which involve grading, drainage, landscape construction or elevations.

The design plans I provide will be drawn to scale so that you may install yourself or you may hire a landscape professional to install it. I will assist you in finding a contractor if needed.