Weekly Garden Update: July 30

For the most part, I’ll let the photos do the talking this week. One note on garlic, we harvested this week and now it will hang for two weeks in the garage (dry, warm and dark) to cure. When harvesting garlic, keep it out of the sun and be gentle as it bruises easily.  We had a total of 30 garlic bulbs, 23 German hardneck and 7 Italian red.

Tip of the week: If you see some garlic cloves on sale at the grocery store in spring which has green tips of growth, buy that for planting. Put it into the ground in spring or in pots about 3-4″ deep and cover with soil and a layer of mulch. By August, you will have some perfect serving size garlic to use for your favorite recipes or to save and re-grow again.

Now to the photos…

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