Weekly Garden Update: July 9

Hi All! Every Sunday I will be providing a weekly update of the happenings at my urban country garden the previous week. This may include photos, stories, garden tips and maybe even some pop up plant sales. Follow along and see how your garden compares or to get advice and ideas.

Tip of the week: Start your fall vegetable seeds this week! I started broccoli, lettuce, pac choi, cilantro and radicchio seeds today for fall harvest.

Lots going on in the garden this week. We saw broccoli start to form, blueberries turning color, black raspberries and snow peas ready to eat and everything growing steadily. The weekly rains have provided steady watering and the warm up is giving the plants the sunshine they need. We also saw new flowers opening up this week. Sunflowers, zinnias, lilies, clematis and snapdragons all bloomed. We had the happiness of seeing American painted lady butterfly caterpillars appear on our licorice plants. I almost made the mistake of removing them before realizing what these were. They feed on the plants, but no worries, they turn into beautiful butterflies!

See you back in a week with a new update. Happy gardening!

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