Thank you for visiting my website! I am excited to launch The Nutritional Gardener, foremost because my passion is gardening and growing plants and in helping others grow their own vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants.

There is a connection that develops between oneself and the Earth when one begins growing plants. I believe that it reveals the cyclical nature of life in such a beautiful illustration, and a person can see how everything has a place and purpose in the ecology.

My vision with this business is to help everyone tap into that life cycle and grow their own food, whether it is a few containers on a deck or a full food production using the entire yard. It is in the understanding of the ecology around us that makes it possible to produce a beautiful, productive and efficient garden.

Again thank you for visiting. I am full of gratitude to have the opportunity to begin this chapter of life. I look forward to hearing your garden stories and being your partner in growing nutritious food.

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